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More wittering. Sorry. It's all that's on my mind at the moment.

21K words, and I can see the end. Or rather, the end of unwritten bits, since the end itself has been written for several days now. And the shape is somewhat less blobby and more story-like than it was. I need to slow down some parts of it and write more purely descriptive passages. It needs the sensory approach. I feel like I'm struggling with keeping the plot moving to such a degree that I'm not doing well with other issues of craft. Too many balls in the air, and I'm not skillful enough to juggle that many.

This one is going to be like "Breathing": lots of good things that are not quite arranged properly. Along with some stuff that, after I get some distance, I'll want to cut. The postmortem for this one will feature me weeping softly into your arms, oh flist.

Oh, sigh. I bit off more than I could chew for yet another deadline. Someday I'll learn.

(Yesterday's demo went well, btw. Very well indeed. I spent some of today being gleeful.)
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