Buffy looking up


Wild ride so far today, with some fast hacking at the last second to support a demo of the app I wrote a proof of concept for over the last three days. Fun times discovering that the demo-er is going to be using hardware completely different from what I had been targeting. I also have a rant about how to interview programmers that none of you want to hear.

Anyway, that's taken care of. Now I can move on to more important things, like pointing you to the sahiya's response to my tagfic prompt: "Five Pay Phones Buffy Almost Called Giles From", which shows us Buffy during her summer alone in LA. And I can also confidently say that sahiya's next story will be a very satisfying thing about Giles and Xander. But of course you all know to wait eagerly because you have been following her writing with much attention ever since "Supervised Slacking". (OTP or anti-slash issues aside, that is.)

Now... um. Now what? Uh. Coffee. Need more caffeine. I am not yet swimming in it. And possibly I need a shot of whisky to go with.
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And strangely, shortly after I posted that, a very sweet coworker appeared with a latte in a paper cup from the afternoon coffee walk gang. I had to miss it today, but they remembered me.
*smooches them*
*and everybody while I'm feeling expansive*
Aww, *blushes* Thanks for the pimpage.

Sorry for the work frustration!
It wasn't work frustration, oddly! Just a slightly stressful work thrill. The demo went well, and I'm very pleased with the results of 3 days of fast, meddling-free solo work. And now, whisky!
My goodness you did tweak your layout! Most cool. Mine is very unimaginative.

I've been reading sahiya since ADS, she's fabulous.