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Reading tarot for the current story

Reading for Xander and Giles in my story in progress, concentrating on the last third of the story.

The deck: Morgan-Greer
Spread: Have/Want/Need/Get
The short notes about card meanings are from my personal file.

Have Want Need Get
Xander: Page of Cups The Chariot King of Cups 5 of Pentacles
A message of love or family. Hard-won victory, surrounded by its spoils and reminders of how it was achieved. The master of water, emotion, & magic. This man can be somewhat old-fashioned, but a gentle patriarch. Material loss. Poverty. Perhaps someone to share the hardships with.
Giles: Knight of Rods 9 of Swords 7 of Cups Page of Rods
Exciting travel. Someone who tilts at windmills, makes grand gestures, and is somewhat unreliable. Nightmares. Oppression, fear, stress. But is it all in your head? Inability to decide. Illusions, deceptions. A message about motion. A charismatic, active kid, a natural leader.
Relationship: 8 of Pentacles High Priestess 7 of Rods 2 of Rods
Apprenticeship. The training montage. Instinctive, supernatural knowledge, secrets of the arcane. Secrets revealed. A woman of mysterious knowledge. Besieged. On the defensive. Choice. Power in balance.

Xander: What he has is a letter from mumble. What he wants is to win, to crush the current problem. What he needs is... the card I most often choose to represent Giles. Aw. What he gets is... loss, but company in it. This reading is heartbreakingly clear in story terms. What it tells me that I didn't already know is how much Xander wants to fix the problem. Giles has been working on it mostly without his participation, through Ethan, but Xander wants to be helping.

Giles: This one is more problematic for me. He wants the 9 of swords, really? The nine is one of those huge mental difficulties cards, but the lurking hint is that it's all in your head, that if you stop catastophizing it'll get better. Maybe what he wants is that out? That possiblity that they're all just letting worries spin out of control? ('Cause I'm not getting that he's a drama llama in this story, wanting things to suck.)
I think what he has, is Xander himself.

Giles needs illusions. And this card is a true need. Man, I can see how this is true, and it's awful. Poor sap. (Have I mentioned that this story kills two characters? It's my first go at the maudlin.) Okay, I'm going with that "he wishes it was just in his head, all illusion and panic" explanation. Having it turn out to be reality would be worse for him.

Gets: Message about motion. An allusion to the closing image? Hmm.

The pair of them: They have an apprenticeship. This makes sense, given where they are as a couple in the last third, after mumble happens. Sort of not quite, yet.
They want... the secrets revealed. Perhaps what they want is some information that would clear things up, allow them to find a solution other than the one Ethan and Angel think is necessary.
They need the 7 of wands? Huh. Maybe they need an external threat to kick them out of the stasis they're in with the 8 of pentacles. Okay, yeah, I can see that.
They get... a good thing, and an image that resonates with the ending image of the story (at least in its current draft).

Well. I'm on target. And I like the insight into Xander. I can work with that.
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