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This story is winning the struggle

Hopelessly talky.
Hopelessly clumsy.
Hopelessly long.
Hopelessly cliched.
Hopelessly unbalanced: the intro is long and slow-paced and meditative, but I can't sustain it. It devolves into boatloads of dialog.

Second half is only half-written. I am now estimating 24K words to write the outline fully. Am at 17K now. This is... aigh! Insane. What was I thinking when I originally thought 10K words? The opening sequence is 5000 words. My estimation skills are clearly way off. It needs to reach a complete draft and then rest for a week or two while I think it over. Only I don't have the time. Nor do I think I could pound out "Partners" part 2 for Saturday, given the plottiness of the next part (Xander and Kennedy, attempting to create a working relationship, while figuring out WTF is going on with the rift in Cardiff).

At least... I'm continuing to do some decent writing on it, time pressure aside. Bah. Nothing to do but keep writing and hope I can pull it off.

Writing soundtrack of the moment:

Eluvium / "Amreik" / Copia : 03:18
M83 / "Gone" / Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts : 06:07
Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians / "She Doesn't Exist" / Perspex Island : 04:25
Jon Hopkins / "Cold Out There" / Opalescent : 03:54
U2 / "With or Without You" / The Joshua Tree : 04:56
Robyn Hitchcock / "Autumn Is Your Last Chance" / I Often Dream Of Trains : 03:33
Jon Hopkins / "Opalescent" / Opalescent : 02:11
Explosions In The Sky / "Memorial" / The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place : 08:50
Eluvium / "Requiem On Frankfort Ave." / Copia : 02:41
U2 / "Bad" / Wide Awake in America : 08:02
Taylor Deupree / "Haze It May Be" / Northern : 09:18
Jon Hopkins / "Sleepwalker" / Contact Note : 04:34
The Album Leaf / "Seal Beach" / Seal Beach (EP Plus Bonus Tracks) : 04:09
My Majestic Star / "The Letter F" / Fining - EP : 04:58
Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians / "Airscape" / Element Of Light : 05:11
José González / "Heartbeats" / Veneer : 02:40
Jon Hopkins / "Fading Glow" / Opalescent : 06:58
Galaxie 500 / "Ceremony" / On Fire : 05:56
Jon Hopkins / "Lost In Thought" / Opalescent : 06:16
Ride / "Vapour Trail" / Nowhere : 04:18
Jon Hopkins / "Fairytale" / Ep 1 : 04:52
Above & Beyond featuring Zoë Johnston / "Good For Me (Original Mix)" / Good for Me : 05:42
Imogen Heap / "Hide & Seek (Randy Boyer & Eric Tadla mix)" / Speak for Yourself : 08:58
INXS / "Afterglow (Randy Boyer & Eric Tadla Remix)" / A State of Trance 294 : 06:15
Snow Patrol / "Chasing Cars (Topher Jones & Blake Jarrell Bootleg)" / Eyes Open : 08:15
Explosions In The Sky / "Your Hand In Mine" / The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place : 08:17
Anthony Stewart Head / "Staring At The Sun" / Music For Elevators : 03:31
Jon Hopkins / "Inner Peace" / Opalescent : 04:53
Ride / "Polar Bear" / Nowhere : 04:46
Brian Eno & Daniel Lanois / "Always Returning" / Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks : 04:04
The Album Leaf / "The Light" / Into The Blue Again : 04:31

Running time: 02:46:19
31 tracks

The last third is unbalanced and needs work. I need to yank a few comfy favorites and find a way to build to the climax of "Polar Bear", then tail off more slowly to end with "The Light". Or maybe stick more Eno in there; "Spider and I" would make a decent closer.

Perhaps I will procrastinate by ripping my LJ layout apart. It's been the same for a long time. Need a new one. Constraints are, as usual: Giles, and body text must be dark against a light color. Hmm.
Tags: whinging

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