Antenna (antennapedia) wrote,

Buffy and depression

Here's an essay worth hopping over and reading right now: ginmar on Buffy, depression, and bad season 6 writing.

I suspect you know what I make of Buffy's state of mind after her "friends" resurrected her. A lot of my take on Buffy is that she has to be suffering from PTSD pretty badly. And that coping with this is one of Giles' big tasks in life. Slayers suffer and fight and die. Watchers are given to them to make their time a little better. It's grim, yes... the setup is grim at the core, and all the popcult wit in the world can't disguise it.

I think Joss Whedon ought to have bent the fabric of space-time to convince ASH to stay with the show full-time in season 6. Though perhaps, given the quality of season 6 writing, I'm happy his character wasn't there to be degraded.
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