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Buffy and depression

Here's an essay worth hopping over and reading right now: ginmar on Buffy, depression, and bad season 6 writing.

I suspect you know what I make of Buffy's state of mind after her "friends" resurrected her. A lot of my take on Buffy is that she has to be suffering from PTSD pretty badly. And that coping with this is one of Giles' big tasks in life. Slayers suffer and fight and die. Watchers are given to them to make their time a little better. It's grim, yes... the setup is grim at the core, and all the popcult wit in the world can't disguise it.

I think Joss Whedon ought to have bent the fabric of space-time to convince ASH to stay with the show full-time in season 6. Though perhaps, given the quality of season 6 writing, I'm happy his character wasn't there to be degraded.
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Yeah, I agree with you here. S6 would be a lot easier to watch if Giles had been around. It's not a coincidence that the upswing (brutal as it is) comes the moment he shows up again. And they never really deal with the fact that he took off on her - Buffy has this, "You had to do what you had to do" attitude in "Grave" that I have never bought for a minute.

On the other hand, when I rewatched "The Killer in Me," which has a scene in which Giles expresses reservations about leaving, I couldn't help but think that there's some tension there after all. Because he was okay with it when her life was falling apart, but now that it's not nearly such a big deal, he's all of the sudden worried?

This, by the way, is why I by and large prefer written fandoms. Joss will never completely fuck over Giles in the comics simply because ASH wanted to spend more time in England during the show's last two seasons (not that I blame him for that - but it did adversely affect the show).
Definitely season 6 needed more Giles, I'M suffering PTSD after watching season 7. meh. The season 8 comics r healing some of my wounds, but the crap from 'LiesMPTM' really fucking hurts!
But yeah, mythology-wise Watchers r the Slayer's 'rewards' for an otherwise totally sucking existence, I think ASH woulda stayed for actual character-driven plots, but I don't think all of the writers knew/cared about all of the chars.
I'm off to read some healing fanfic. There IS a world where slayers & watchers live in bravery & love, why am i so sure? As Giles once said, "Because it HAS to be."
ASH left to spend more time with his daughters, who'd been complaining to him that he'd spent most of their lives over in California filming Buffy. Can't argue with him about his priorities. But can weep about what it did to the show.

See, this is where I long for the Connie Willis Remake future, in a manner that would make Ms Willis most distressed.
It's so interesting to read your take, since I don't see your assumptions in canon. (Which is not to say that you are wrong, but that I read the show wholly differently.)
The potential lurks there in the setup, many potentials. And then we all take different things and develop them into fiction. Which is the joy of fanfiction. I love that everybody's mind is different. Life would be very boring if there were a bunch of people who thought exactly like me running around.
I've been in the fandom far too long for my own peace of mind, I suspect. Where once I found pleasure in the various interpretations, I now find myself more and more alienated from the majority of fandom opinion and more unhappy. Long past time for me to be gone --

Which is in no way about your cogitations, I have to stress, but about my own! :-)

Happy Monday!

I will say that this person articulates better than almost anyone else I have ever read the internal process of severe depression, and the choices one makes in the last-battle-rout to save oneself from oblivion. Her metaphor of the castle, of the systematic shut-down and barricading, of the great burden of feeling, of the fear and the anger -- they are all spot on to my experience. Plus so much grief, huge, wild, and uncontrolled. It assaults you without warning, as if tsunamis could rise up out of nowhere and scour everything you've managed to salvage and cling to on your little speck of shoreline.

Here description of her Iraq experience is amazing and articulate as well. My sorrow for that war and its victims, civilian and military, regardless of religion, now has one more concrete manifestation, one more precise focus.

Thanks for pointing us at it.

Whoa - girl, that is truly an insightful take on Giles' role S6 - or rather, what role the character should have been expected to take. Nice supposition. And you are right. What other role would/could a Watcher perform that would be most in the guise of helping the Slayer cope....

I, of course, being completely Spike punch drunk for the duration of S6 never picked up on that...

Again, just another nail in the coffin of that entire season's worth of writing. My supposition and it could be wrong, would be that with a team of writers, each chara/cluster would be guided by a single writer...who on god's green earth was watching out for Giles's arc???? No one. As for all of the charas, really.

And...I don't hold Joss responsible insomuch as he abandoned the show, but his writing was still spot-on. let me think about this...he did pen OMWF and Giles was definitely....already copping out in that episode.

Thanks for the link! That was excellent, really clarified a lot of things I'd been feeling but didn't know how to articulate.