Saturday update

Breaking radio silence to bring you this thrilling and tension-inducing Saturday afternoon update. Ooh. A batch of bread is in mid-rise. I just ate the last of the leftovers from the stew I made earlier in the week. This cooking in advance thing appears to have caught on. Good! Husband is off playing board games, which leaves me home to listen to long Armin van Buuren mixes and write. I should be cleaning the kitchen and doing laundry. The Dimmer Dog opened the cabinet under the sink and extracted the contents of the garbage. He moved it item by item into his crate, where he is now busy chewing on milk cartons. Feh! And argh! Also, grr argh!

Mr Pedia and I played a little game earlier in the week in which he read the first sentences (or paragraphs, or in some cases phrases) of famous SF stories and I attempted to identify them. I was surprisingly successful. But that's what "famous" means, I guess. Also, there are certain SF anthologies we both of us grew up reading over and over, which makes the game kinda unfairly easy. (E.g., any Larry Niven story published before 1980.) Though for some I could guess author but not the story. And in other cases, when he was sure I had no idea who it was, he would read enough until I told him whether the story was any good or not. Playing this variant of the game, I gave emphatic thumbs up to early Zelazny. I also panned Ray Bradbury without knowing who he was, though eventually I pinned the story as "Mars is Heaven". (The word "Ohio" gave it away. Which says interesting things about how this recognition process goes.)

"Dust on his hands from the sky", which might or might not be the actual title, is now at 8000 words and ticking along. I have an outline, though it's pretty fluid at this stage. I'm pushing myself and staying in unconscious-active mode with this one. Ethan has made an appearance and is a major character. So far he's less of a quotation fountain than he has been every other time I've written him. Instead he's smoking a lot. I had been going to kill him off, but I realized today that I'm not. You should fear what I'm going to do instead. Not to him. To somebody else.

I think I know what story I want to write for my second summer_of_giles day. I think it might be a 100% Giles/Buffy summer for me.
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I think it might be a 100% Giles/Buffy summer for me.

If you're trying to hurt my feelings with that one, it isn't working. I just thought you should know. ; )
Last summer was 100% Giles/Buffy for me, not so much this summer.

I will do a G/B story (though at this point, I have no idea what), but I also have a Giles/Anya story that I've started and there is the distinct possibility of a Giles/Xander story too.

Yeah, Giles is gonna have a lot of love from me this summer.
OOoooh, good! I am 100% for more of both of those pairings. (Though I have noticed you cheating a lot with other fandoms, heee!)
*sighs* I know, but the boys of the Stargateverse are so pretty... *pouts*.

I'm going to try and devote more time this week to my Jossverse projects. Honest. You'll have plenty to work with, I'm sure.
Happy Saturday back to you!

NB: I am officially rescinding the nickname "Dimmer Dog" and switching it to "Devious Dog".
I could not get through Zelazny. Not sure why. My ex-boyfriend really liked it, mostly for the use of guns in fantasy. (He is the type to say that an Uzi would put an end to the Voldemort problem pretty damn fast.)

I also have not read much Bradbury, which makes me a bad, bad geek, but I did enjoy the bits of the Marshian Chronicles I read to proof dribom's paper on the MC as a post-colonial travel narrative.
Zelazny, according to Mr Pedia, had two phases: before he quit his day job (many wonderful stories) and after (an awful lot of terrible stuff written to make deadlines and money). He experimented a lot with form and he used a lot of non-Western mythology. Nifty stuff, when he was good. "A Rose for Ecclesiastes" is great stuff. The second half of the Amber books, not so much.

Well, I'm an equal-opportunity pimp (er, madam?) for my Giles. He'll be with his partner, Davies; with Buffy; and a surprise pairing. That's what I've planned so far. We'll see how many other stories I might want to produce once June slides in.

Sharing hugs,
Excellent! I'm looking forward to more Giles & Davies. And Giles/Buffy is always a good thing, if you ask me...
::giggles some more::

Are you, um, by any chance, trying to get me in the mood?

Because ... it's working. Unfortunately, I have to go to sleep in a few minutes. But I'll let my brain gears whir all night long.

Creative hugs,
You inspired me. No really. I think I'll have a little ficlet to post later today in the Blackmail verse...