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What I'm up to

1. Work. Gah. At least it's requiring moderate exercise of brain power.

2. A new story for my next spring_with_xan day, on May 26. I was going to continue "Partners", and if I panic I might yet, but this idea occurred to me. Somewhat dream-inspired. Also somewhat grim, at least as it starts. I kill a few people. It might also run long, so the time pressure is high. Working title "Dust On His Hands From the Sky", which tells you absolutely nothing.

Am attempting to pare away distractions so I can concentrate on writing. "Dust" + "Thusia" for the solstice & summer_of_giles are going to keep me busy. C.f. flow state.
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Story sounds interesting. I'll have to add it to my list of things to read once posted. Have just discovered many new HP fics I haven't read yet. I've been adding new stories to my rec list almost every day!

I hope it'll be interesting! Either that or it will be an emo mess. Hard to say which from this point in its development, heh.
That was what I figured. It didn't START with Ethan (or whoEVER 'dark-haired boy' is *snerk*) but he insinuated his way in.
But . . . but I was really looking forward to the second part of "Partners" . . . *big eyes*

Ah well. You know I'll read whatever you write. :-)
I know I gotta write it. And I will write it. But this grabbed mah brain. It's the "Xander shows up at Heathrow; angst leading to smut" prompt. ON STEROIDS.
I started that one too! Not on steroids. But I like the way it's going so far.