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Xander arriving in Heathrow, middle of season 6. Angst leading to smut.

An obvious one that must have been done before: Giles playing Cyrano to somebody's Christian, wooing Buffy's Roxane. Obvious choice is Angel (though the high school timeline makes it problematic). Spike would be a comic choice for the stupid-but-handsome Christian. Happy ending, please.

Or another take: Giles writing letters to Anya for Xander. Or Giles writing to Xander for ... choose for maximal comic effect. Buffy, for instance.

"The Replacement", Giles gets hit.

I'll probably write the first one. I have a couple more ideas about how to do that, and what happens. Am also working on tagfic and the Valentine's Day prompts y'all gave me ages ago.
Actually, I'm seeing that Cyrano prompt with Riley as Christian. It makes sense: he's the soldier with a somewhat limited gift for romantic verbiage. He's super hot for Buffy and she...well...okay, she's not nearly as besotted as Roxanne, but she thinks he's the sort of guy she should want...yeah, this one is coming together in my brain.

Damn. I think I may have just talked myself into that one.


Like I don't have enough fic that I'm not writing!
Yeah, Riley works, though he'd be a not-so-dumb Christian (Riley seemed earnest and bland but not at all stupid to me). Go forth! This is one that I'd love to read about five different takes on, actually. I love reading stories that all started with the same prompt; they go off in so many directions!
I've never thought Riley was dumb. Bland, yes. Earnestly dull, yes. Unconsciously manipulative, oh yeah. Stupid? No.

Have I mentioned that Cyrano is one of my all-time favorite plays? 'Cause it is. I'm a sucker for a romantic who just can't win but never bows down when he loses.

Of course, in my version Cyrano is going to win the lady! LOL! And in time to enjoy her! Of course, that means I don't get to use my favorite Roxanne line, but I can live with that.
Oddly, I've just been writing something in which Riley is unconsciously manipulative. Not a bad guy, just conservative and not entirely on board the independent-Slayer train. Poor sap. He and Buffy were never right for each other.
That first one could be fun, if I ever get through the Giles/Xander I'm currently trying to beat into submission.
Yes, it would have been most helpful if it had decided before page ten that it wanted to be G/X. Now I have to go back and write in the UST earlier - or at least some hints. Grr.
No, the muse is happy. In fact, I think it's more the muse's fault than yours. All you said was, "Giles and free time." I could have done something really short set S4. But ohhh no, it was the muse that cackled evilly and gave me a plot and a romance and all this crap that needs to be developed.

It would be much easier if I hadn't started out writing this thing longhand, as I have all my (much shorter) tag-fics. I'm actually attempting to type it up right now. Am on page eight and I have really, really long way to go (though I think some of the beginning section might need to be cut eventually).
And in fact I've just committed about a thousand words of that first one. (Though the prompt is general enough that there's scope for lots of responses to it!) This, instead of the maleslashminis thing due tomorrow. I have about 1400 hundred words of that. Wants to be about 4000. I haven't written any of the smut bits yet. Unless guitar porn counts as smut, and I doubt it does.
Heh, guitar porn! Nifty.

My G/X is currently at about 11,000 words and now I'm trying to figure out what to do with the ending, grr. I think it needs porn, which I hadn't totally counted. We'll see.