Wimsey tee hee

Tee hee!

I'm cheerfully embracing my status as elitist critical bastard!

Though lord knows, I'm finding writing the postmortem for my remix impossible, because I can't bring myself to re-read it. It's at the "oh god, this sucks and did I really write that sentence?" phase.
I have learned it's safest to aim the criticism cannon at myself. Boom! There goes that scrap of deathless prose! Doesn't look so deathless now with all that grapeshot ripping through it!

Also noted: writers are weird mixes of neurotic worry and ego. It takes huge ego to trot stuff out and say, "here read it! I have something to say!" And then we all shrink and flinch, because our insecurities are nearly as large as our egos. If there's a counterexample here, I wanna hear about it so I can study it.
Congratulations and kewl! Who granted you your laurels? Or was this like Napoleon crowning himself Emporer?
Too obscure to explain, but it was making me giggle helplessly so I posted.

Heh, I love that bit about him crowning himself. I'll cheerfully crown myself, so long as I get to have Jacques-Louis David paint me doing it.

There are so very many things I'd do in life if only I had a pet portraitist to chronicle these events.
Mix stripes and checks?
Wear the clown hat?

I wore two different shoes to work one day to see if anybody noticed. If anybody did, they chose not to say anything to me. It was disappointing, but it did really relieve my worries on the days when I wear two different socks.
I don't need a pet portraitist to wear clown hats. Hell, I once wore a hat that got me stopped and complimented in the Castro. It seemed the perfect hat to wear to the re-release of Yellow Submarine.

In fact, hats are a way of life for me.

And matching is over-rated.
What I liked about the rerelease of YS, which I also saw at the Castro, though not with hat-- and are we going to get together one of these weekends for coffee in Berkeley or are we both too shy? -- was that everybody in the audience sang along with "All Together Now" at the end.
Yes, of course we are getting together for coffee in Berkeley one of these weekends! I'll be the one in the spiffy hat.

Yeah, it was fun singing All Together Now to keep the Blue Meanies at bay.

May is shaping up to be a very busy month on the weekends, but maybe next month sometime would work for me. Drop me a line sometime and we'll work out when and where for our coffee date.
Will do, when June approaches. You'll be happy to know that Mr Pedia has just provided me with a... hmmm... suitable hat. If "suitable" is the right word.
Yay for hats! And yay for coffee! Most of all, yay for meeting fanly friends up close and personal!
i've hesitated, restarted, erased, deleted, and then started again a comment here... and perhaps i'm over-inflating my own sense of worth by wondering if your assumption of your new status was in any way related to my post this morning...

but if it was... my rant wasn't actually prompted by anything you'd said. it was prompted by someone else's rant earlier in the morning.

and if i'm completely off base, just feel free to ignore me!
See my comment on your post :) I had a grumpy moment myself that was likely prompted by exactly the same thing.