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Oh noes! The kidnapping meme!

From malnpudl via secondalto:

5 People (Real or Fictional) You'd Like To Be Kidnapped By (For Very Important Reasons That Only You Can Solve) And Go on A Wild Car Ride Through The Desert Causing Mischief With, And Even Though It Might Be Scary For The First 18 Minutes, It All Turns Out OK And A Fun Time Is Had By All.

1. Rupert Giles. He'd have a good reason to kidnap me, and the cause of light would be served.

2. Lord Peter Wimsey. Um, ditto. Plus, hotness. Plus, piffle.

3. Sherlock Holmes. He'd be a pisser, but Watson and I would get along.

4. James T Kirk. It would be a truly wild ride. And things would explode.

5. Vlad Taltos. I'd suggest Khaavren, but I think he'd end up skewering me in a duel. Vlad would take me to Valabar's. And that wouldn't suck.

My family suggests:
- Richard Feynman
- Winston Churchill (baffling suggestion, if you ask me)
- Jack Aubrey
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