Dear House series writers

I would have an easier time coping with your stupid Tritter plot if you didn't have him doing things he cannot legally do to wealthy doctors with good lawyers and a grumpy hospital administrator. I mean, couldn't you make a tiny genuflection to plausibility in his persecution of Wilson? I know Wilson is a soppy mess who'll take anything from House, but Tritter is not House. So, you know, gawd, this is stupid. Quit it already.

If I didn't know already that this will be over in ep 11, I'd be giving up on the season.

willing to put up with way bogus medicine, but not this
Ugh, you poor thing. I'd go insane if I had to sit through those episodes again.

Honestly, when I first heard about the proposed story arc, I was excited because I thought it was a good oppurtunity to introduce some humility to House...but it just went all kinds of wrong in the execution.

Have you been watching the new episodes or are you going in order?
Ah. I think I owe you an apology then. I'm fairly sure I've mentioned things about recent episodes in my posts without a spoiler cut.

Hmmm, let me know when you get through the Tritter arc. There's this fabulous line in there that almost no one in the viewing audience understood and, unfortunately, it may have happened again this past week. I was going to rant over the viewing public's lack of intelligence, but figured it wasn't worth it.

Am fairly sure you'll agree with me, though, once I tell you what line it was and how many people (there was a poll about it on Fox's website) didn't understand it.
Tritter is House's shadow -- my sense is that he's intended to parallel (darken?) House's own egotism and monomania in search of What He Thinks is Right, and thus the real-world absurdities are supposed to be read as metaphor. *Two* Captain Ahabs, if you will...

But I don't think they pulled it off. :-(
Yeah, I can see the potential for that contrast. It was there in their first encounter, I think, when Tritter trips House and makes that comment about how you get treated if you're a jerk. (I liked him at that moment.) And it's also present in their non-involvement with each other, as Tritter sweats House's colleagues but stays clear of House himself. Mostly.

But the implementation wasn't there in other ways. Hmm, probably I needed to see more clearly why Tritter felt pursuing House was worthwhile for the public good. I understand why House does what he does (figure out the puzzle; keep the patient alive), but Tritter's motivation was entirely petty revenge, not a quest I could ever feel sympathy with.

The gutty thing for the writers to do might have been to give House's addiction a real down-side. Have him kill somebody because of it. Ouch.
Sigh. On the plus side, I really like what's happening with Cameron's character this season. I love a no-nonsense woman. Cuddy and Cameron FTW!