FIC: The sock drawer (Giles/Buffy, FRT)

Title: The sock drawer
Pairing, etc: Giles/Buffy, FRT
Notes: For glimmergirl, 340 words of sock-related fluff.
Disclaimer: Do I look like I want to own this?


"Yeah?" Her voice floated up from below the loft, accompanied by clanks. Giles located the voice as coming from the kitchen. Where she'd likely be emptying his cupboards in search of a muffin tin. She'd been serious about that threat, then.

He reached into the left-hand side of the second drawer, which had only yesterday been where he could reliably find many identical pairs of dark blue or dark brown or dark gray dress socks. No socks. Instead, soft things. Silk. Satin. Lace. A bar of soap. Soap? He stuck a hand in and explored the very back. He pulled out something satiny. Edged with lace. Pale green. He held it up to his nose and let his eyes glaze over. Peaches. It smelled like peaches. Buffy smelled like peaches too.

Something clattered definitively, then he heard footsteps on the steps. He stuck his hands behind his back, but too late. "Giles? What are you doing with my underwear? Put it back."

"Uh," said Giles.

"Pervert," Buffy said. "What? You were yelling about something."

"Oh. Where are my socks?"


"My socks. Where are they?"

Buffy started edging for the stairs. "Your socks? Um."

Giles turned back to the strangely rearranged dresser, and dropped the green satiny thing back inside what had been his sock drawer. "They used to be in the second drawer on the left. Now there are these, these... silky things."

"Oh! Socks. Yeah. About those."


"They're in your top drawer now. With your underwear. You totally had space up there. Once I, um, got rid of all the dorky stuff."

Giles shrieked, but Buffy stood her ground. Metaphorically. Physically she was backing down from the loft.

"You had briefs with holes in them. And plaid boxers. Plaid! Who wears those?"

"I do. Or I used to," muttered Giles, but Buffy was plunging on, from her new position safe at the foot of the stairs.

"You totally did not need underwear with holes. You have silk boxers in there I've never seen you wear! And now you'll have to. I like men in silk boxers. They're sexy."

And that, decided Giles, was the last word.
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Doomed to chaos and burned muffins, poor domestic Buffy. I liked the image of Giles in plaid boxers as well.
giles, man, you are SO whipped!

he looks pretty damn happy about it though XD
short, cute, nice.

didnt think you'd actually do sock fic! Ha! Now my head is full of Buffy/Giles and socks...

*goes to bed where she's sure to dream of Buffy/Giles sock puppets*
That's exactly my feeling. Smart, well-read, handsome, devilish at times, heroic, handy with a sword and with a guitar. My ideal man. Even in plaid boxers.
Aw, such domesticated Giles sweetness. Very cute. Thanks for sharing.
Buffy is gonna run him like a railroad. Though I wonder if he'll banish her from the kitchen after the impending Muffin Incident.
Pathetic but true...why do they hang onto the ones with holes?

Loved the little snippet.

One issue - "Where she'd be emptying his cupboards" Should that be where she'd been emptying? It could kind of read either way, so I'm not sure.
Periodically I do a purge of the really horrible old underwear my husband persists in keeping. Sometimes they're more hole than fabric. I have no idea what he's thinking.

In that sentence, Giles is speculating on what Buffy is up to at the moment. It's a trifle clunky. I'll rethink. If I'm not too occupied with the Giles/Xander sock ficlet. Heh.
Why do men insist on holding onto every ratty piece of clothing they own?

At least Giles sees the upside to the situation.
I have no idea but every one I've lived with has done it. Scary, scary things hide in those drawers.
Okay. That was cute. Almost too cute.
I like how he sees Buffy's muffin-making as a "threat."
"Pervert," Buffy said.

*giggles madly*

Love it!

Now that I have a new cord for my laptop (yay for Radio Shack and the Incredibly Amazing One Year Warranty) I'm going to do my writing about socks. Unfortunately it won't make it up to be posted today. Perhaps I can do something sock!drabble!ish later.
Hooray for more sockfic! Gotta tell you, the very concept cheered me up when I was in the middle of a week of unremittingly boring work.
(giggles delightedly)

I love fics about the adjustment period when new couples move in. Okay, I'm just a sucker for domestic scenes, and this one was delicious.

Mmmm...peaches. I bet Giles loves peaches.
I imagine this as the Buffy who cooked mashed potatoes so frantically in "Pangs"-- the frustrated domestic urge manifesting itself at the oddest times. And always interrupted by the need to use edged weapons.