Oh noes! My daemon

The Golden Compass movie site is the usual Flash extravaganza. Only in this case there are some neat features. For instance, a quiz that matches you with an appropriate daemon. At the moment, my daemon is an ocelot named Aradion. Let's see if you agree with my self-assessment...

I am hoping this movie isn't terrible and completely at odds with the wonderful, wonderful books.
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My daemon is a tiger named Erasmus. I quite like the name and it's implications, but I am worried that I will be allergic to my daemon, as I am to all cats. Plus, as I am accompanied all over my own home by at least one parrot, I am worried. Both Quinn and Jesse would try to take down a tiger in a heartbeat, as they are very jealous little feather-persons, and I belong to them. They don't even share with each other. I had to lay down the law about cockfighting in the kitchen. Oy.
huh. my daemon is a wolf named sirion. ? i am not a dog-person, however. i s'pose budgies can't be daemons - specieism :/