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Write About Socks Day

Tomorrow is Write About Socks Day. Pass it on.

I intend to note this by writing something about Buffy's socks. Or maybe Giles's socks. Or maybe kitten socks. Or maybe all three, in drabble form. What are you going to do?
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Chinchilla socks
As a Chin mum, I should warn you that chinchillas have the most adorable little toesies, and that they are beautifully upholstered with soft, short fur on the upper side and have rubbery grippy skin on the bottom side for jumping around on rocks. I think chin socks would have to be Toe Socks [be mindful of the significant differences in lengths among the back toes!] with those skid-preventing sticky bits on the soles. Just so they would do the job of the natural chinchilla foots, but, y'know, in socks.

Re: Chinchilla socks
Socks with chinchilla faces and little ears attached to the toes. That's what kitten socks are!
Re: Chinchilla socks
How embarrassing. Socks with chinchillas ON them, not chinchillas with socks on them. DUH.
Clearly I am perilously sock-ignorant.

Just so they aren't socks made from chinchillas! That wouldn't be allowed, ever.
Re: Chinchilla socks
No, we do not allow chinchillas to be made into socks. Disobedient kittens might be made into mittens, however, and please don't tell her otherwise; she's cheeky enough as is.
Who on earth comes up with these ridiculous ideas?

I will mostly likely be putting final tweaks on springwithxan fics, so no sock writing.
Write about socks huh? Who comes up with these things? And why not write on socks day, which sounds far, far more fun.

I think you should by all means write about Buffy's socks using a Sharpie on an old gym sock. That would be cool.
My socks today are electric blue. My husband bought them for me. Never let my husband buy clothes. For you, for me, for himself. He likes things like loud socks.
Loud socks are awesome. I have a pair of purple toe socks with bright yellow and orange butterflies on them that make my feet feel particularly festive. No, really, I actually do own these socks and I bought them of my own free will and in cold blood.
Hmm. I think maybe I will put something in my summer_of_giles fic about socks. I can easily think of three or four ways to do it right now, just with the three or four pages I have written.
Oh, Emma would LOVE some striped socks.

But she's smart enough not to put one on her tail. After all, she IS three and a half. She knows socks only go on your bottom paws!
Huh. You know, I was sort of stuck on my next tag-fic, but perhaps socks is just the thing I need to get un-stuck!
Socks are useful. Fanfic needs to celebrate them more. Or original fic. I don't want to get too prescriptive here.

I haven't seen you on AIM at all recently, btw. Are you taking an AIM vacation?
Yeah, I have been. I was having some serious writing block issues, partly caused by conversational distractions. Or that was my theory, anyway. I'll be back and chatty if I have a good writing weekend, I think.
Ah, yeah, I figured it was something like that. It's a lot easier to focus without AIM (or internet in general, actually, I've found).