My eyes! The goggles do nothing!

Just got eye exam. Got lectured for not having been in for 3 years. STFU! I'm here now! STFU! In revenge, they dilated my eyes and took retinal photos. Now I can't see a damn thing. Well, I can see. It's just blurry. Very very blurry. Work is out of the question. Bleah.

My prescription did not change. They claim there's slightly more astigmatism in one eye than there was. Woo.

Okay, what shall I do while I can't focus on anything within three feet of my face?
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Okay, what shall I do while I can't focus on anything within three feet of my face?

Well, I don't know, but would advise NOT attempting anything that involves open flame or precision use of corrosive chemicals. Sharp implements might also be considered slightly risky ATM.
(puts on best patented Giles glare)

Step away from the table saw, antenna! Have a crossbow instead. So much more elegant.
Aha. I see the advantage-- I can focus on stuff that's more than 10 feet away. Like that coworker walking down the hall. He looks suspiciously vampiric. Pale, wearing DeBarge clothes. You know.
Aaaaaaah. Scotch and chocolate. And a man putting a chain saw to good use. Today is turning out better than I'd expected.
Mmm, scotch and chocolate. Sign me up. And maybe add a nice menthol smoke...
Hi, I wanted to let you know that I deleted my journal and started over (used to be leftsaladfork, now divadea). Sorry about that, and I won't bore you with the reasons. I hope you'll friend me again so I can read your super fabulous writing. And I will re-post the Buffy tarot again soon.
Hope your eyes are seeing again soon :)
Re-friended! I didn't spend enough time soaking in the Buffy tarot, so I'm look for that repost. Loved your trumps so much.
Got lectured for not having been in for 3 years. STFU! I'm here now!
WORD. Oh man. One of the things I love about my current dentist is that she does not scold me. She will say "it is important to keep coming" or "there's plaque buildup here." But she does NOT do what the dental hygenist of my childhood did, which was to stick the pick in my gum and smarm "have we been brushing good?"

I had a psychiatrist once who gave me such a lecture about needing to come in more often that rather than go see him again I went cold turkey off the ad at the end of the bottle. Which was when I was out of town. In a stressful situation. World of stupid, yes, but had I not been terrified of another lecture I wouldn't have gotten in that position. The university health center treated me reasonably well, overall, but that was a memorable failure.

I think you should listen to some music while having your chocolate and scotch. Last time I got dilated I went out and had a bunch of sweet vodka martinis, which melded the blurred vision with a pleasant all-over blurriness.
Wheeee! My first chat with a mental health professional, in grad school, went something like that.

"I'm feeling overwhelmed and suicidal."

"Guess you're just going to have to grow up."


My dentist is a world of better. But I suspect that good dentists have experience with coaxing in scared patients in a positive way.
Ugh, I hate getting lectured about not coming in for things. Royally sucks.

But hopefully things have gotten better for you by now. *hugs*
*hugs* back. I can see again now. Mostly. Still a bit blurry. Bah!

The puff test is always annoying too.
darts are always good as the pointy thing does its damage at a (far) distance.
and chocolate, always chocolate.
Being me, I had to wonder how you got back to work from the eye doctor's.
::shuddering while imagining the 929::
Heh. I nearly did ride it to the eye exam dude, but then remembered they were probably going to do this to me. I had the world's weirdest drive to work along El Camino. I could see obstacles & traffic signals and so on just fine. Read my speedo? No. I was also squinting behind my sunglasses.

I took a look at myself in the mirror when I got to work. I looked totally stoned. The drops also made my eyes irritated & red.