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My Sunday afternoon

The Kitten, no longer kitten-sized, but instead six pounds of stubby-legged Cat, is sprawled across my chest. Probably she wants her dinner early. Since she managed to coax three driblets of cream from her human saps earlier today, I say nothing doing.

She will continue to lie with her head against my neck, impeding my typing, until fed. That's the arrangement.

1) Eddie Izzard, Dress to Kill. Yes. Funneh. Man, why didn't you guys tell me about him sooner? Like five years ago or something? Mr Pedia laughed and laughed.

2) A bath. Lush's Hot Milk. No reading because my husband talked to me about writing and nerves straight through it. Yes, dear, I get it already: you think I should be writing my own stuff. We also talked about remix angst.

3) West Side Story. For the first time. Don't ask me why I've never seen it before. I'm not sure I like it. The score is... unsettling. All those tritones.

4) Remixes! remix_redux has the remix stories! My anonymous-until-next-week remixer picked one of my very favorites to remix. Read it over there: "Dragon Heart". In which the UST goes less U.

And when you have read that, you can read the other stories with Giles in, and then maybe branch out to Buffy stories generally. Hey! Two Swordspoint stories!

The approved game is for you to attempt to guess which story is mine, and for me not to tell you until next Sunday, when the reveal is. My remixee-victim seems to have liked mine. This makes me happy and a little embarrassed that I panicked about it so badly.

5) Related: have been playing some mash-ups for my husband. I pointed out two cases where the mashup significantly improved on the rap song half of the mash. Both of these were inspired mixes by DJ Mei-Lwun. "Sweet Home Country Grammar" is so freakin' much better than the Nelly original. Check it out.

6) New Heroes tomorrow night! I'm letting my anticipation engine rev up now.
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