Looking for the Core Four

So in the previous entry I said my favorite pervy ship is the Core Four. It seems, however, that there's very little Core Four smutfic to be had. I know of two:

Let us never speak of this again by Trekker
Whiskey Worse by Alex Wort

Wouldn't it be nice if there were more stories in this category?

Tell you what. I'll do my best to provide one if you (yes, I'm looking at you, dear reader; no squirming and pretending I don't know who you are) try to write one too.

The parameters:
Core Four (Buffy, Giles, Willow, Xander)
nobody else
any rating (but smut is nice)
try for a happy ending (but if you can't, I understand)
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How would you like to be a regular rec-er on giles_fic_recs? We need a Wednesday or Friday night person. You could post your rec of the core four fics tonight if you wish.
I'd be happy to do some reccing on giles_fic_recs! You tell me which day of the week you'd prefer me to do.

I'll be travelling for the next three weeks, but I believe I'll have internet access the whole time.
Well, how about Monday nights?

Oh, and here are the rules:

1. All fics must be Giles-Centric.
2. You can not rec your own fic.
3. The story does not have to be found on LJ.
4. You may rec a single story or many.
5. You may not post only a link. You should have the following elements: title, author, short summary and why you liked it.
6. It can be any pairing: slash, gen, hetro
7. If the fic is FRAO it must say so.
8. If you are recommending an FRAO you must be over 18.
9. The fic can be old or new. IT could have been posted today or years ago.
10. You may rec a source for recs.
11. You must use an icon with Giles in it, you may use one of ours.
12. We have regular posters on designated days.
I have been trying to find whiskey Worse again forever! Thank you for rec-ing it!