coffee script done for now

See the script in action.

The post is rather boring at the moment, since there's only been three Giles-watchable items posted since yesterday afternoon. I'll use this for my posts for the next couple of weeks and fix whatever small problems I notice. Then see if the other watcher-posters are at all interested in a change of method. Or if it turns out not to be a good idea.

Otherwise, I have napped and read and slacked off all day. I think it is time for tea and a bit of writing.
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Antenna, please accept my apology for missing the Wednesday GilesWatchers post. I've had the flu, and was just too queasy and dizzy to make it down the two flights of stairs from my bedroom to the computer to let anyone know that I couldn't do the post.

Thanks again for bailing me out! Man, I owe you so much.

S'okay! The flu is nasty stuff. Get back in bed and we'll send Giles over with some tea & lemon. :)