more progress

Solved my bookmark date issue in a straightforward way: the script now requests only the bookmarks added since the date of the last giles_watchers post. Date easily available via the atom feed.

Now I'll wrap it up as a cgi form with some kind of purty web interface. Make it configurable. Possibly write a simple template system for the entry format; that should be amusing and provide a sufficient reason to procrastinate from writing. Make it sufficiently general to be able to drive anybody's general links-compendium LJ site. Though my tagging scheme might be problematic, in that it does proliferate poster: and comm: tags.

Coffee. I need coffee.
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my inner geek is whining 'i'm not worthy!' here's a little nudge about that writing ---->
I'm working! I'm working! Sometimes I need to let one kind of batteries recharge while the other side of the brain does some pointless work.