Volunteers needed

giles_watchers needs a person for Mondays (or Tues or Thurs; I'm flexible). giles_fic_recs needs somebody for Fridays, or just in general.

I'll write up the usual what it is and how long it takes stuff and post on the comms tomorrow or something.

What giles_watchers needs is utter boring reliability. Somebody who can do it in a steady way and warn us all in advance when going on vacation or whatever. Also, a little bit of html tagging skills. Librarian nature a plus, ya know? A day missed on the Giles-watching means the next person has a nasty huge pile of posts to sort through.

The fic recs thing is much more relaxed.

I note that metafandom is doing an automatic daily post via a shared account. This is an interesting idea that might work well for the Giles-watching: accumulate links, generate post, go. Huh. I'll have to look into implementing this.
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i will volunteer for mondays but i don't kno from tagging - html i'm good, lj i'm wtf? so tagging hints with whatever else, my mondays r free.
Mondays! Yours, starting next week.

1) Join the comm gilesposters. This is where we coordinate when people need to take days off or have questions. Very boring, but it's important that you post if you can't do it. Experience that backlog just once and you'll understand...

2) Grab the posting template and read my hints from this post. The biggest pain is always the icon posts, where you troll through 700 icons from "Passion" to find the 2 of Giles.

3) Bookmark the friends list of the account we use to track posts.

4) Remember that we don't editorialize or anything. Strictly a quiet links compendium. Use your judgment on warnings and stuff. And you will get spoiled for other TV shows and the comics and so on. There's no getting around it. Some of the people on the list are not good with the cuts.