Soap issues

Have just been attempting to reorganize my bathroom counter, because really, with that many acres of counter space available, you'd think more of it would be clear. This leads me to the following observation: I appear to own enough soap to keep me clean for the rest of my natural life.

It's all very nice soap. It's scented and colorful and often in neat packaging. But really, that's a lot of soap. And bath product in general. BPAL soap. Lush soap. Wylde Ivy soap (courtesy of glimmergirl). Aurora Bath soap (courtesy of kivrin). See how I con my flist into supporting my soap habit?

Clearly I need to bathe twice a day to use it up faster, "Midas Plague" style. Perhaps even three times a day. I could live in my bath and have gin & tonics delivered to me there! Mmmm. Sounds like a plan.

More "Blackmail" later tonight. I am bribing theblackmare with it.
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I could live in my bath and have gin & tonics delivered to me there!
Dude. I think you're on to something there. :)
Well, better a hundred bars too many than one too few...
Particularly when they smell so nice.

Personally I think you should have G&T's with all the grassy, fresh soaps and rum drinks with all the fruity ones, maybe something vodka related for all the patchoili/mystical scents and ale or cider with the spicy ones. Accessorizing is everything, you know. ;)
Wow, that's brilliant! I'll need a full bar to go with the soap selection. Mmmm, fruity rum drinks... my head aches just thinking about it!