Progress Report

Only 37 comments to reply to! Whee! And several stories to leave feedback on, even if all I can manage is a "thank you; please keep on keepin' on".

New music today, in the form of a package of CDs from the Ultimae record label. I wriggle and rip happily.

Remix story at just under 2000 words and cooking along. I have my hook, my tone, my little game to play with myself as I write: it might turn out okay. I will have something to post Saturday, anyway, thus averting shame and disappointment.

The "Blackmail" continuation is my fidget story. When stuck on the remix, I write a few sentences of "Blackmail". Prompt word is "lick", for those of you reading that and not put off by the extremity of the last section. (Comfort follows hurt, is what I have to say about that.)

Random: 1992 Playboy interview with Kurt Vonnegut and Joseph Heller. Funneh. (Don't worry, no airbrushed chix.)

Bonus random: Pr0n for women. Non-fan variety. Cute, safe for work.
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heehee i disgraced myself by saying 'whoahoo' when i read 'lick' - now i am getting the STRANGEST glances XD