House S3 question

So is this thermometer up the butt cop pulling House over plot going to be as tedious as the season 1 Vogler plot? Or is it better?

The cop is played by the actor who played the big arms-dealer guy in The Long Kiss Goodnight, one of my fav'rite movies. David Morse, IMDB tells me his name is. Huh.
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Sadly, it's just about as bad. There are some v. cool standoffs, and there are a couple of episodes where I think the House-Tritter thematic parallels and oppositions work, but on the whole, it didn't fly.

Bah! Interesting that these writers don't know what to do with the characters over longer arcs. Perhaps because true character change would mess up their static cast configuration? (Except that Cameron's character changes made me like her a whole lot more so... huh.)
I agree, it was painful to have to sit through, knowing there were going to be non-Tritter episodes in the future. However, there were still some v cool moments...that almost made the whole arc worthwhile...but not quite. Sit through it anyway, you never know when some of it might be relevant for future seasons.
LoL, that did sound a bit motherish didn't it? Didn't mean to have it sound like that...maybe it's subconcious bitterness that I had to