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All outline, all the time

I figured out part 5. I now have a conflict, a basic plot arc, and have it chunked up into scenes. It requires me to go back and tweak part 4 a bit, but that's okay. I know where I'm going now. Ah, confidence!

Today I spent some time reading Rust Hills' Writing in general and the short story in particular. I haven't read this before, but my husband recommended it. I find most books about writing to be spectacularly useless. I got a lot out of the John Gardner book that everybody gets a lot out of, but that's pretty much it. I maintain that the best way to learn to write fiction is to read good stuff and think about it.

Imitate good models.

Now to return to tinkering with part 4 to better set up part 5. And I need to do some workshopping as well.

I'm afraid I've never become comfortable with fanfic terms like "beta". The word has too many connotations for me already from my day job. I suppose I should just shut up and assimilate myself.
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