Woohoo, a Giles lover :) I've added you as a friend so I can read your stuff. Is that OK? Thanks for your comments about the tarot cards :) I will be posting meanings and etc. one of these days soon.
Of course it's okay! More Giles fans always welcome! And Tarot fans, too. I do a bit of fiddling around with the tarot as an aid to writing.
I didn't realize there were so many to this series! Nor had I read Partners! How could I have missed it? Any chance the second part is coming soon? Poor Wesley. Though I have to admit, I did enjoy picturing Buffy and Xander pile on him.
Re: Partners?
*guilt* I got distracted by writing "Dust on his hands" instead, and never did finish "Partners". I'll get to it eventually. *hangs head*