I'm shocked. Shocked.

House is not realistic. Next somebody is going to tell me that consulting detectives who solve crimes through pure deduction don't really exist.

Sarcasm aside, that's an interesting brief article on the real world. One way to get me angry is to get me thinking about the state of health care in the US for people who don't have insurance. (The last three times I was in hospitals, I was in Stanford, which is rather nice. I have insurance. I'm lucky. I didn't spot teams of specialists roaming around grabbing interesting cases and nearly killing people, though.)
I used to work for a pediatric cardiologist who was based at a children's hospital, which is why I can't bring myself to watch House. The snark is funny, but in the real world, he wouldn't be allowed near a patient or a student. I know, I know -- but I'm like that nurse. The reality of an ordinary hospital is too strong to overcome when watching a doctor drama.
I can sympathize: Hollywood depictions of computers & programming make me grind my teeth.

My husband in particular loves how House & team nearly kill somebody every week. "In real life, they'd be up on charges!"
Yep, they would be brought up on charges.

But I don't care, because I finished writing the second draft of my remix, and it's *way* better than the first draft.

[twirls you]
I rather think that the more a reader or viewer knows about the 'real' occupation or setting (or time period, for history), the harder it is to suspend disbelief. That's why I can't watch many films dealing with my life-work, because THEY ALWAYS GET IT WRONG OMG.

However, the 'space medicine' on House? It doesn't bother me, largely because I don't know better. ;-)

Wrong, wrong, so wrong, yes! When I read newspaper articles on topics I'm expert on, I wince similarly. And then I remind myself that people in other disciplines must also have that reaction. Therefore... trust nobody? Or at least remember that oversimplification is everywhere.
Yeah. My father used to have problems with all the police shows and movies- particularly the rash of them in the Seventies that were nowhere close to reality. Even now, when I see something particularly silly in a 'heroic' moment, I hear his voice saying something like; "Do you know how much paperwork that would cause?"
Police dramas must be extra-bad, unless they're all gritty realistic Homicide-life-on-the-streets stuff. In which case there's probably something else wrong with them.

I am attempting to imagine a gritty realistic drama about computer programmers. The most tense moments would involve a single under-washed nerd in a t-shirt sitting motionless at a keyboard for 8 hours straight.