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Four connected thoughts

Why Galileo is a geek hero: "And yet it moves" is a statement that the fundamental laws of the universe do not yield to rhetoric, to persuasion, to cunning sophistry, or to threats of torture by religious leaders.

"The Cold Equations" is this core truth stated in a shamelessly manipulative sentimental story. And yet we don't have enough fuel to carry you.

Why House is a hero in the same way: he recognizes that fact does not particularly care about whether it is politely phrased or not. It might be rude to say something, but the rudeness has no effect on its truth or falsehood. The important thing is to save the patient's life. And yet it's an STD.

I am pretty definitively on one particular side of C P Snow's divide. I think Sokal's prank was freakin' hilarious. And that every intelligent person should re-read Orwell's essay on politics and the English language once a year.

Hmm, I need a House icon.

PS: Are Wilson's eyes crossed or what? Yes, I'm watching House season 3 at last.
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