This month's BPAL Lunacy scents include a scent called "Minotaur":

The Bull of Minos, guardian of the Labyrinth in Knossos. A deep, swarthy black musk dusted by a dark, resinous blend of sacred bisabol myrrh, atramentous benzoin, tsori, balsam, and galbanum.

For reasons of a story in progress, I cannot resist this scent. Not that I'd want to-- the resinous BPAL scents are so often wonderful to my nose. Also: do not miss the new Salon scents. Heh. Just heh.
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Indeed! Yours was particularly fine.

Mine is more about the monster than where he traditionally lived, but there are some comments made about Los Angeles freeways...
Ooooh, just read the update on new scents! That one looks to be splendid. I'd also love to get my hands on the new Monster Baits, too!

I, er, ordered the lot. I'll report. I hated the scents I got for the last full moon, so I'm hoping for better luck this time. (Though Ides of March wasn't so bad.)
LoL!! We all love you for your addiction!

So, are you going to swing it on your cross-country trek to be near them at one of their will-call things? Imagine being able to order and walk away with the scents right then! Am I evil for putting that thought in your head? lol