oh dear

Oh dear

Just had brainstorm on features for a single-author fiction-serving webapp. Ideas sleet through the universe like neutrinos and spark little glows in the detectors in my brain. Like whatsisname in the Pratchett book. The BFA already does a nice job of maintaining a multi-author archive. I'm talking about an app that would drive my site.

For maximal fun, I'll write it as another Rails app so nobody else will ever be able to deploy it. Or maybe Django this time, so I can write in Python and give myself deployment fits. Then I can make it wildly idiosyncratic and serve only my own archive design needs.

Because I needed another project, you see. I will not allow myself to start this until I have drafts of both ficathon stories.
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heeheehee d'ja hear the computer joke? 10010110! AHAHAHA
oh geek humour is a hard sell. justifiably. how 'bout 'old coders never die they just GOSUB'
ok, ok, just a nudge so you don't forget TP.
No, ma'am, haven't forgotten it. Nope. Am in fact spending all my free time writing Giles stories, believe it or not. It's just that I am not finishing any of them.
Hmm. Maybe. I sure could. But does the world need another Gilesfic archive? I mean, a general one? Single-author archives are another issue. I can offer friends no-hand-holding hosting on a real unix machine with real web server features and no advertising if they want such a thing... Cough.

I am finding that feeling less depressed is nifty. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
Am having fits trying to remember the Pratchett character. I can see it in my head about ideas floating through and hitting people who are in the right place at the right time...and can't remember the book! AAAAAHHHH.

Hmmm, just read that one and although it would make sense to be in that book, I don't it was. How about Going Postal?
It's the writer dude in one of the Lancre novels, the guy who writes all the plays for that traveling company. I'm pretty sure now. Man. I dredged through a scary store of Terry Prachett trivia in the back of my head for this one.