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A few weeks ago, when I saw that horrible dreadful stupid list of 200 essential albums produced by a recording industry association, I swore I would, instead of purchasing a single record on the list, go out and find entirely new music on an independent label. So I did.

First I followed a few trails on iTMS and Amazon for "people who bought [Ulrich Schnauss|Jon Hopkins] also bought blah", which lead me to Xela (didn't like), and to Jens Buchert (bland).

Then I followed links Carbon Based Lifeforms, which I liked. Which lead me to Solar Fields. Which lead me to Ultimae, a French record label specializing in ambient and chillout stuff. Strong overlap with Robert Rich, if you're into him. Electronic textures, rhythms influenced by the dance music of the last two decades, no singing (though sometimes vocal samples). Ambient, but not recent-Eno-boring.

If you want a better list of 200 conventional rock albums to own, the Rolling Stone list is solid. All you need to know is that the Velvet Underground appears on the Rolling Stone list, and not on the manufacturer's association list. And Shania Twain is the opposite. Lord help me.

I am also enjoying Love, the Beatles mix/mash done by George Martin & son Giles as a soundtrack for a Cirque du Soleil show.
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