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Yay for the first official day of spring! I hope that buds are bursting everywhere near you. Unless you're like us here in coastal California, where we've been in the leaf stage for a while now.

Hmm, I seem to have a plan for my spring_with_xan G/X story that might even torture the characters sufficiently. Probably not, because I am not really doing well with this writerly task, but it's something. Now it's a matter of typing! Type type type until done. That's all it takes, right? Typing?

And then when I have typed, I will panic about the remix. This is my plan. I am planning to panic.

The plan is also: smoochies in the G/X story, no smoochies in the remix. Which might be a tad angsty. I am planning on some angst in both stories. Let's see if I achieve it. I have yet to successfully write anything grim.

And lastly, because you needed this, I observe that Midnight Ukulele Disco is back online with their redesign. And if you liked that, I commend this to your attention as well.
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