Hot tip for Safari users

If you are a Safari user, you must give Inquisitor X a shot. This is a donation-ware utility that greatly enhances Safari's search box. As you type, it looks up likely search results on sites like wikipedia and Google, and populates a dropdown with the best hits. This is insanely useful. The 3.0 beta adds search history weighting to the results (all stored locally; no spyware).

This is incredibly handy software from a clever, if jerky, developer. He also writes the best BitTorrent client by far for OS X.

(Never mind me. I'm just bitter 'cause I paid for it back when it was for money and he supported Camino. Then he yanked Camino support in a sulky fit, then he made it free. Oh well. I have supported an independent developer; have done much more pointless things in my life.)
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The newest version of Firefox does that too, it's so nice, especially when you suck at spelling.
What I like about it is that it's pretty much a way-handy shortcut for "go to this wikipedia page", which is where I want 80% of my web searches to start these days.