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Bleah. I have to set up memories.

giles_fic_recs is going to get some memories set up soon. My new procrastination task! With the entries tagged "giles/buffy" now at 88, I thought it would be a good moment to start this work. Only, god, what a pain. The post titles are, by general convention of the comm, "Day of the Week Giles Reading" or something like that, and not the title of the story recommended. If there's only one; sometimes people recommend a bunch.

I need to invent a convention for naming the memory entries. Possibly "[date] / [reccer] / [author] / [title]" for single-story recommendations. For multiples... maybe "[date] / [reccer] / [n] stories".

Groan. Okay, I'll do five, then I'll head home from work.

I have many grumpy things to say about LJ's tag implementation. So close... and yet so not there. ETA: I can now also say grumpy things about memories. Half-implemented features, mutter mutter...
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