One week from today I'm leaving on vacation. I'm spending almost 3 weeks in London. My sister will be hanging out with me for the first part, then my husband will be joining me for the last week. I intend to spend a lot of time in museums. This should be a good opportunity to soak in some locations for the Giles-meets-Holmes story. I've been hesitating to write parts of it for lack of direct knowledge of a few things. And I'd like also to visit all the litr'y sites I can think of. And that's a long list.

I also have a long list of stuff I have to get done before I get on a plane next weekend. You know, things like "arrange stasis box for cat", "remove all perishables from fridge because husband won't", and so on.

I should have teh inturwebz in my pocket the whole time. I just need to remember to get a UK sim card from the person who hands those out before I leave the office on Friday.
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Have fun!!! You lucky thing you. I wanna go back, but gotta save my pennies.
Keep in touch, cause well I started writing MORE and its all. your. fault. I had to put away what I was working on cause the muse was responding to your MORE request (and cause the characters were being stubborn). So you must keep in touch.