January 15th, 2013

most emphatically

Spates of jargon

I have no joke here. I just like saying "spate". Spate spate spate.

Home sick again today. It’s the flu, or something like it, because I was running a fever of 100F last night. Uncool, particularly because I got the flu shot this year for the first time ever. It should at least have the good grace to immunize me against something. But I read that this year’s shot is effective against only 60% of the strains or something like that. So the first year I get the flu shot is also the first year I get the flu.

I have been pounding orange juice and napping frequently.

Today, if I can function, I am going to write client-side javascript for interviewing somebody posting fic. Hmm, I should untangle that sentence. Collapse )

I have many strong opinions.