November 24th, 2012


In which I am not yet a year older.

Today's not my birthday, nor is it penwiper26's, no matter what LJ is telling you. What an odd bug to have, after all these years. Today would be a terrible birthday if it were my birthday. It might yet be a terrible birthday. Mostly I don't actually care about my birthday or note it in any way other than reminding myself that I'm a year older, but this year might be notable. We'll see.

In re: birthday fic: 1000 words of post-"Flooded" BG slightly angsty pregnancy fic thus far. It hasn't shaken out completely in my head yet, but there is most definitely a cat involved. A spirit guide sort of cat. Giles is angry with it. It doesn't like Willow. Spike feeds it live mice, so it likes Spike. Buffy hasn't yet made her opinion known.

Confidential to the aforementioned penwiper26: Eno's latest is pretty much Thursday Afternoon 2.0.