September 22nd, 2012

Giles/Buffy fight

OTPing my way around

Continuing my read-through of ODD, I read perenial favorite "Paradox" by Kerry Blackwell and all I can think is, there's no reason why this story should make me cry every time but it does. I am a big sucker for it.

I skip all the Christmas stories for some reason, though. They're sappy in the wrong ways.

I might finish the "Arms & The Man" commentary some time this year. Man, that story is huge.

A/B/O fic with chicks: snickfic encourages us all to write for the Alpha/beta/omega het/femslash ficathon, 500 words or more, first half of November. Gen's welcome too; it's all about women in A/B/O fic. Check it!