March 11th, 2012

scooby gang

That movie wasn't good.

I watched a lot of media yesterday.

It was the fifteenth anniversary of the first airing of “Welcome to the Hellmouth”, so I rewatched that & “The Harvest”. Always a pleasure to watch the reintroductions of the characters I love! And then I picked up on my season 1 rewatch in progress, with “I Robot, You Jane”. This is a terrible episode with one massive redeeming quality: the Giles-Jenny bickering. They meet cute, friends, and their initial encounter ends with that marvelous capital-R Romantic speech by Giles about knowledge should be smelly. I ship it. (It's canon. I ship it. And then I ship other things as well, because Giles had to move on afterward.)

Even though I think seasons 2 & 3 are the show’s best (by far), season 1 is my most rewatched. It’s so charming. The characters are so young and adorable and unstained by the trauma that is to come. I do not yet loathe Willow for resurrecting Buffy, for instance. In season 1 I can simply love her and growl at anybody who menaces her.

Later in the evening Mr Pedia & I watched Hugo. This was the best movie of 2011? It must have been a bad year for movies. Collapse )

My S1 rewatch concludes today with “Out of Mind, Out of Sight” and the awesome “Prophecy Girl”.
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