December 18th, 2011


Waves umbrella dangerously.

These days when I settle down for a workday I'm completely torn about what I should work on: novel or software? I'll generally settle on one for an entire day. Yesterday it was software. I began to unravel the mysteries of jquery. I did some nifty things with Ajax that were pleasing. (I am still new to serious web development. Am trying to go from 0 to 60mph in the usual short span of time.)

229KB of jquery javascript library is a trifle alarmingly large. The consolation is that nobody hosts their own. You use google's hosting for it, and that way you-the-end-user download it once from google and then you've got it cached for all the zillions of sites that use jquery. The downside is that google is harvesting all the usage data in exchange for their hosting bandwidth. Google knows a lot about you. No, it knows even more than what you were thinking just now. But I will still make that tradeoff.

Code was yesterday. Today is novel. I haven't quite got my characters out of the riot zone and into the bar yet. I have been backtracking to set up the riot better. I didn't realize until just today that [important character name elided] had to be there prominently, and that this is my first chance to seed doubt in the reader's mind about this person's true intentions, so I had to go back and set this stuff up. And this is me writing with a several-thousand-word outline. Sigh.

Holmesian: On the Victorian martial arts shown in the latest RDJr Holmes movie. ACD wrote about "baritsu", which didn't exist, but "bartitsu" did.

Random: Income inequality in the Roman empire, at about the time of its population zenith. Fascinating. Mr P wishes to poke holes in that analysis. He says it can't possibly be the case that a slave-owning empire had less wealth inequality than we do. Yes. Well.

The history of source control: Ten astonishing innovations. Astonishing at the time. We take them for granted now. I am totally en-gitted these days. Was grumpy and suspicious for a long time (and suspect that mercurial was better) but it's a good tool. It won because github won and is dominating its space.

Swordkink: Fantasy armor and lady bits, from the perspective of an armorer. This is a faboo article and if you read only one of my random links today, make it this one.