October 16th, 2011


On certain kinds of epiphanies.

The death of Steve Jobs got me thinking. Collapse )

Tune in next week for more exciting navel-gazing!

Not so random: The Guardian interviews Terry Pratchett. I think he'd count as an example of focus in the face of eventually-terminal diagnosis. Damn, I cannot think about that without tearing up.

I haven't read the last two Pratchetts, never mind the latest. I am saving them for when I need them. I did that for years with Sense & Sensibility and it came in handy at a bad moment, so I am sticking with this plan.

Tools: A while ago I wrote about Markdown editors for writers, and listed a bunch for OS X & iOS. For those of you not using Macs or an iPad, you might check out Sublime Text 2. This is a text editor that runs on OS X, Linux, and Windows. It has a Python engine running behind it so it's madly customizable if you're slightly geeky. It's themeable and will do code highlighting for a zillion syntaxes, including Markdown. Most importantly, it has a distraction-free full-screen mode. Preference-setting might or might not terrify you, however, depending on how comfortable you are with Python dict & list syntax. Or with not changing preferences.

If that didn't scare you, here's a screenshot of the distraction-free mode with a file of prose and here's one of some syntax-colored code. Content of the files depicted might or might not be amusing.

 Overture / It's a Boy by The Who from Tommy (Rating: 0)