September 15th, 2011


Quiet and slightly creepy.

Today's listening was in my soundtrack for writing "The Wight", because it is slightly uneasy yet quiet.

The other day I ended up rereading "Paradox" by Kerry Blackwell, which is one of my favorite BG stories even though yes, you may name its flaws if you wish. I do not care. It makes me sob like a baby every time even though it is a completely fluffy sappy story. What are your favorites in this category?

I've also been reading 0_ruthless_0"s Endings, which is an in-progress AU that kicked off in this Summer of GIles fic. Giles/Ethan plus Buffy, plotty. Feed the writer some more comments! We all live on comments, coffee and/or tea, and those little cookies.

I'm going through a little bit of a coffee phase at the moment, complicated by the fact that I'm still drinking decaf. (I had developed a huge caffeine tolerance thanks to no-sugar Red Bulls. I went cold turkey. It was awful.) This does limit my bean/roasting experimentation kinda drastically. Eventually I'll give in again. Thus the life cycle repeats. At least getting re-addicted to caffeine is really fun. You're so zoomy when you have no tolerance built up!

I see that brutti_ma_buoni has been fessing up to her kink meme fills. I am tempted to fess up to mine now too.

 Incipience Electric by Chad Hoefler from Quiet Glow (Rating: 0)