July 3rd, 2011

Watson likely stories

Sunday morning pages

We were at a party yesterday where a Parrot AR drone was being flown around outdoors and it was way cool. This is an electric quadrocoptor with a camera on it. You control it with your iOS device and can watch the video from it while you're flying it around. Definitely a solid nerd toy. It was sadly free of weaponry, though.

We gave the cats their monthly dose of anti-flea goo this morning. They have become extra-smart about figuring out when we're planning to hit them with this evil goo. The containers make little tiny clicks as you pop them open, and the cats can recognize this sound from across the house. So first one traps them in the bedroom by closing the doors on them while they sleep. This somehow puts them on yellow alert. Then one seizes them and doses them as quickly as possible, while avoiding claws (Cow Kitty) and accusing glares (Inky Blot). Then they hide under the dresser and run from humans all day.

Until the food bowl is empty again, that is.

Have been using Google+ for a few days now and it is as unsuitable for fandom as Facebook is. It has some nice sharing control features, which are like LJ filters with a sane user interface, but it is still all about the short-form update. No tags. Fandom's wait for a modern home continues.

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