April 23rd, 2011

Giles/Xander question

I think that creative team deserves to be paid for its work.

I haven't seen Who yet. Soon! I have no idea when my iTunes season pass will suddenly spit the episode out at me. I am avoiding spoilers until then. I trust this writing team to give me a payoff that satisfies in exchange for me avoiding spoilers.

Fic witterage: I've rewritten the final big conversation about three times now, and I think it might be right. Finally. Maybe. Meanwhile, I'm still shying away from the final scene. Maybe it isn't meant to be there. Unsure. Sex y/n? Maybe I'm just focusing on the wrong aspect of the scene. I need to ask myself what about my POV character's movement it illustrates. If it does. Dither, dither.

The upside is that my fidget story and my other story are getting lots of procrastination-inspired work! Chapter 2 of the story provisionally entitled Reprehensible Schoolboy Kink is coming along nicely. So is chapter 3. Erk. That one is getting all the smut the other one isn't. I could almost post them, but I'm going to wait until I've got at least 5 chapters done.

I signed up for summer_of_giles. You should too! I am trying to decide between two stories to finish for it. Iceland or knighting? Iceland or knighting? Gah. Opine at me.

Now back to project #3.
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