March 9th, 2011


This world has shrimp but no cocktail sauce.

This morning I was delighted to notice that epic_recs has reviewed one of my personal favorite stories, "Dust on his hands from the sky". This is a long and angsty season 6 left turn Giles/Xander story. Definitely check the tags & the content warning for character death on this one (but not death of the principals, I note).

One thing that surprised me about the review was the comment about how the story isn't labeled as AU but the reviewer considers it to be so. This got me thinking about the definition of "AU" and how I rarely use it. I suspect I use the word differently than the reviewer does.

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Random: How Pinboard weathered the Delicious exodus. A successful scaling experience. I've been pleased as punch by the service as a back end for giles_watchers. Also I was pleased by the helpful & friendly inquiry on Twitter about how my migration was going. I didn't need support (yay well-done API!) but they offered it anyway in the middle of that apocalypse.
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