February 22nd, 2011

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Revenge of the Ficpoll (Extended Youth Edition)

I'm supposed to go run a mile right now and I don't want to. Meh. Say something to distract me.

I need to post giles_watchers stat. I haven't finished the bookmarking yet, but it's already jammed full of Giles/Xander fic. A startling amount. It's downright encouraging how much. Also, I just bookmarked a preseries Who crossover featuring, Giles, Ten, and UNIT, so hey! Next up I will coax from the universe a crossover featuring Seven, since this trend must definitely be encouraged. [Time passes.] Okay, I did another half hour of bookmarking and there. A newsletter full of multichapter fic!

I, meanwhile, have been writing at least a little bit every day in my giant idfic BG story, while getting solid work done on other, non-fannish projects. It's been a good month so far despite not finishing anything. Speaking of which...

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I went and did my mile and now I'm all sweaty. Time for procrastination via bath!
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