February 10th, 2011

watcher green

Gleeful millstones.

I watched the episode of Glee that followed the Stupor Bowl and was baffled by how anybody could like the show. It was on the nose, painfully awkward, implausible. The musical numbers were overproduced, over-pitch-corrected, and obviously not sung by the actors. Even worse, its arrangement butchered one of the greatest pop songs of all time and buried that amazing bassline. WTF.

Later my real-life friend who is an even bigger Buffy nerd than you (yes, than you, dear reader) explained to me that it was the single worst episode of Glee ever and he'd been horribly upset by its badness and was very sorry I had watched it. And that I was to imagine a typical episode as being surreal all the way through and featuring way more of that vastly entertaining cheerleading coach. So I dunno. Jury out, but I'm probably not going to watch another one soon. Not when I could rewatch, say, the first two seasons of The West Wing instead. Or catch up on House. Or watch naked men swordfighting in Spartacus.

I'm sort of grumpy about my media consumption these days. If it's not going to be well-written, it has to offer something else that nothing else has. Merlin has ASH, but it's so stupid I can't get over the stupid to enjoy the man with the magnificent jaw. This is probably my loss.

Um, what else? I deadlifted 275# the other day. That was a millstone-- I mean, milestone-- on my way to that goal of 300#. Millstones only weigh about 130# apiece, according to the all-knowing, all-telling web. (I probably couldn't manage to get a millstone over my head, though picking one up off the floor and carrying it wouldn't be so bad.) My squat is also seeing huge improvements, though it's limited still by the shoulder and hip mobility problems that people who spent 20 years sitting at a desk tend to have.

You could do this too. Three years ago I couldn't walk up a flight of steps without getting out of breath.

I was looking at fanbingo, which seems appropriately relaxed in ruleset and has a long list of delicious cliches as possible squares. Looks like fun!

No fic wittering today. There has been ficcage, but it's the boring "sort out my antagonisticalish forces and their motivations while revising" kind.