Do I smell a ficathon?

psychoadept has pointed us all to this shot, found in Tony Head's TV/movies gallery, of what is obviously a young Giles in a spot of trouble. (And I'm not just referring to his hair.)

young Tony Head

I am thinking: Ficathon/challenge. Write the story of how young Giles came to be in that spot. As always, pairings, ratings, AUness: everything is up to your discretion. Whaddya say? Should I pick a random date some time in the future and collect links?
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Wow, that is some unfortunate hair. And he's carrying a purse!

*giggles incessently*
Purse? That's not a purse! That's a bag stuffed with supplies for a picnic that has gone horribly wrong. Or it's his archaeological dig bag. Or it's full of stakes and holy water. Or it's the satchel in which he's stuffed sufficient clothes for a sudden weekend in Scotland. Or it is a purse, belonging to his girlfriend who has just been snatched by...
Ooooh, now I'm feeling inspired. Yes, I think I need to write something around this if only to explain the hair disaster.
Very unforunate hair. But intersting picture and with our group you can imagine the different stories.

Challenge away!!
Yes, that totally deserves a fic to explain what happened there.
It's still a cute pic though.
I think you should post a challenge for this. I started considering what I could do while I was at work today. Maybe I'll get one of the two ideas done this week or at least soon.
I likely will post a challenge. My schedule is looking rather tight until remix_redux is over, so either it'll be late April or pretty much immediately. Erk.
As I said to BJ, I think he really only has one hair style that works for him. You can make it longer or shorter and plaster it down more or less, but if you try to make it go forward it's all bad...
I think that gallery is pretty interesting. He's really held up well. Actually, I like him looking a little older best. He's got a face loaded with character and a few wrinkles and grey hair don't hurt anything. Just make him look like he's actually lived his life instead of renting it or something.
That man is going to stay handsome all his life. It's the bone structure that does it, and the fact that those crowsfeet say "I smile often".