December 18th, 2010


Consternation uproar! The post-delicious world.

So! The latest news is that Sinking Ship Yahoo, who bought Delicious a while back, have now laid off the staff and are planning to torpedo the service. (For company at the bottom of the ocean? Perhaps.) Oh, yes, been there, done that. You must console yourself with the fat sacks of cash you got, assuming you got any. Somehow it's never really enough, because you love the software you make for people and you hate seeing it killed. Especially this must be so for Delicious's staff, because that was one well-liked, heavily-used product. Past tense.

Yeah, Yahoo is now waffling that they're going to sell it, but if so, they compromised its value in a big way by firing all its staff earlier this week. I'm betting it's sunk.

Possible new homes:
Pinboard: simple, has revenue model, api
Diigo: does more than bookmarks, in-flux api
Google Bookmarks: simple, unlikely to go away, no api

The decision was easy for me. Simple beats bloated. Last night I migrated giles_watchers to Pinboard for newsletter automation pleasure. The advantage Pinboard has is that its api is Delicious's, exactly, so migration was nearly trivial. Nearly. I had to do a little hackage on a library I'm using. I will need to rewrite soon.

I'll probably just retire the delicious account for my fic links. I like my archive site better.

The real loss is the single-site searchable bookmark archive that Delicious had become for fandom. LJ is a horrible home for fanfiction because it's not searchable or indexable and a million other faults, but Delicious was a nice workaround. Now all that data is there in one place that's going away. Will fandom migrate its data? Will that data all end up in the same place? I bet not. That's a loss.

Sometimes software moves forward instead of backward department: I approve of the new AO3 "like" button, though I have no idea why they had to go all twee and call it a "kudos" button instead of the like button it so very obviously is. When there is already a word in screamingly common usage for an interface concept, you use that word for your implementation of it. Using anything else weakens your user experience.

Random: A font story. (No idea why it's in an image.)
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