November 19th, 2010

fading right


I sit on the couch in the living room with a very small dog snuggled up to me. I drink my coffee. I was up way too late last night re-reading Sense & Sensibility and oof, I'm feeling it. More coffee now. I was reading, by the way, on my iPad because Mr Pedia boxed up my Austen for reasons I have never managed to grasp. There it sits, in the middle of the living room in a box with all my other litterachure. Why? Anyway. I found the reading experience surprisingly decent. And iPad + ziplock baggie == readable in the bath, which is the #1 requirement I have for any book technology. So maybe I'll get over my dislike of ebookage with this experience.

If you can stomach waiting for the AO3 to load pages, I commend "The Anecdote of the Amnesiac Aspidistra" by AJHall to you. BBC Sherlock/Torchwood crossover, and the kind of take on Jack Harkness I can get behind.

NSFW: The pervygirl tumblr continues to please, mostly. This is the tumblr I linked you to a few weeks ago for all those men with swords. She had a men in long underwear sequence a few days ago that was surprisingly yummy.

Fair & Balanced: Lots of women doing athletic stuff. Mostly Crossfit box community shots, showing women of all varieties being awesome and showing off their muscles. This one's safe for work unless your work is touchy about photos of women in workout clothes. The guy who does the photo collection has a thing about women in knee socks, so in addition to shoulder muscles there are many knee socks. Why people wear knee socks to work out in, I cannot tell you.

No fic wittering this morning. Sigh with relief!
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