October 27th, 2010

most emphatically

Resolution for today.

Today! Today today today. Missing scene writing. Even if they're sketchy things that barely establish the physicality of place and don't get the mood right or whatever, missing scenes will exist in some form after today. All the places in the file that say "[[transitional]]" will continue to say that. I will not fuss about those places.

Though it's going to be tricky because today is pretty busy for me. Grump.

We have acquired an Apple TV, which allows me to play all sorts of electronic media very comfortably. If it's in my iTunes library on my desktop Mac, the Apple TV can stream it over my usual AV system. Video Monkey has been very handy for tagging the DVDs I've backed up from physical form to electronic form in iTunes. I've been rewatching Buffy season 3 (best season ever), I think I mentioned. This is how.

Moving heavy objects news: I can move a variety of heavy objects in new and exciting ways. The objects I'm moving now are heavier than the objects I was previously moving. Sweat continues to drip from my nose exactly as before. Benefit of routine heavy object movement: legs that Mr Pedia stares at.

buffyversetop5 classic recs weekend starts at midnight GMT tonight. Am pondering a list of some stories that I feel ought to be dusted off and re-read.